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Keeping our Growers up to date on all pollination updates and news is important to us at Firman Pollen.  Helping our Growers make the best decisions makes them more profitable and enables us to stay in business.  If you need information that’s not listed here or have suggestions of other material that would be useful don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Washington State University –
IAREC  | 2014 – 2015
Matthew Whiting
Prosser, Washington
Project Title: Mechanical pollination for yield security

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Washington State University –
IAREC  | 2017 – 2019
Matthew Whiting
Prosser, Washington
Project Title:  Advancing Precision Pollination Systems To Improve Yield Security.

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Cosmic Crisp 2020 Trial Data
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University of Vermont –
1996 Firman Pollen Research Report
Jon Clements, Research Technician
Burlington, Vermont
Objective: Continue investigation of practicality and efficacy of using blower-applied pollen in small
orchard blocks wherein domestic honeybee activity is absent during bloom.

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Costanta Horticultural Service –
1997 Supplemental Apple Pollen Orchard Study
Willcox Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Objective: Evaluate “E-Z Pollen Duster” applications of supplemental pollen to enhance Granny
Smith apple production.

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Scientific Report – Nature Research
Published: February 21, 2020
Author: Agustin Sáez, Marcelo A. Aizen, Sandra Medici, Matias Viel, Ethel Villalobos & Pedro Negri
Report Title: “Bees increase crop yield in an alleged pollinator-independent almond variety”

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Article: West Coast Nut Producers
November 2020 Issue
By Contributing Writer: Vicky Boyd
“Supplemental pollen almond trials continue to explore supplemental pollen applications by Drones and Electrostatic Sprayers.”

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