Certified Premium

For nearly nine decades Firman Pollen’s commitment to quality has made us a leader in our industry. Product quality is essential to increasing crop set with supplemental pollen.  Our Certified Premium brand sets a standard that reflects our commitment to product quality.

Active Ingredient-

The amount of pollen grains in each gram of product plays a large role in its efficacy.  We work extremely hard at delivering pollen, free of debris or sand that reduce the percentage of active ingredient.


Every lot of pollen that we harvest is sampled and tested multiple times.  Pollen must meet a minimum viability standard.

Allele Matching-

Firman Pollen is committed to providing the best allele matches possible.  Propper allele matching significantly increases the efficacy of supplemental pollen.

Virus/Bacteria Testing-

Firman Pollen conducts a voluntary virus and bacteria testing program to make sure that we are responsible partners in the agricultural industry.  Samples sizes are as small as 100 trees.

Variety Certainty-

We are able to ensure that we are harvesting the correct variety because our harvesting crews are tightly supervised. This is critical in making sure we supply the optimal pollen mixes that deliver maximum results.

It pays to use Firman Pollen.

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Certified Premium

Use Firman Pollen to target specific bloom and make thinning sprays more effective.  Firman Pollen boosts pollination which leads to an increase in seed count and quality.

Certified Premium

Top production is key to maintaining profitability in today’s market.  Firman Pollen also corrects issues caused by poor weather, poor bloom overlap, or weak beehives.

Certified Premium

Many varieties of cherries typically set less than an optimal crop load.  Firman Pollen pushes crop load closer to optimal levels.

Certified Premium

Some varieties of pears are not attractive to bees.  Targeting these blocks with mechanical application ensures pollination occurs. Firman Pollen also makes up for light pollinizer bloom or poor overlap.

Certified Premium

Some varieties of plums are not attractive to bees. Targeting these blocks with mechanical application ensures pollination occurs.  Firman Pollen makes up for light pollinizer bloom or poor overlap.

Certified Premium

Dicey weather conditions and frost can significantly reduce fruit set.  Firman Pollen minimizes the effects of these adverse weather conditions.