ATV Application System

Bees travel large distances and distribute pollen to neighboring blocks.  Pollen applications with the Scumby Pollen Applicator allows you to control where your pollen is applied.  Dusting applications are an affordable & efficient method to apply Firman Pollen.

1 HP SCUMBY SIZE Chart – $3,250
Description Original Scumby
Motor Size 1 HP
CFM 756
Weight 60-70 LB
5 HP SCUMBY SIZE Chart – $3,350
Description Almond Scumby
Motor Size 5 HP
CFM 1127
Weight 80-90 LB

Scumby Pollen Applicator Features

Accurate Calibration
Tight Tolerances allow the Scumby to deliver the right amount of pollen regardless of row spacing.  Simply refer to the easy to read calibration chart on the inside of the hopper for correct settings and ground speed.

Adaptable to Tree Architecture
With multiple models available you’re sure to have the correct unit for the size of the targeted canopy. The stack adapters are easily modified to ensure your pollen is directed at the canopy.

Easy Mount Options
Fits on any ATV rack or on any UTV.  Larger model is recommended for use on UTV’s only.  Blowers can be mounted using either the U-bolts provided or in a pinch with a ratcheting tie-down.  Blowers are gasoline-powered with the 1 horsepower units running on a gasoline/oil mix.  Augers are powered from the vehicle battery.

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Alleles Charts

Almond S-Alleles
Apple S-Alleles
Cherry S-Alleles
Pear S-Alleles
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Almond Application
Precision Pollination Application
Scumby Application
Beehive Application

Instructions & General Application Resources

To download a PDF for:
Instructions for Dusting Application – DOWNLOAD

To download a PDF for:
Instructions for Dusting Application in Spanish – DOWNLOAD

Watch the video for:
Dusting Application Instructions – VIEW